Updata Infrastructure UK Ltd., commonly known as Updata in the UK, is an internet service provider. This company is known for offering internet and broadband services to the public sector markets in the United Kingdom. Their headquarters is located in Surrey, UK. In addition to Surrey, Updata also has offices in Scotland and Wales. Richard Bennett and Victor Baldorino are the directors and founders of Updata. Richard founded this internet company in the year 2003, along with Victor Baldorino. Updata enjoys a seamless partnership with IT giants like Fujitsu, Siemens, and Logicalis. Updata boasts its robust network that helps users enjoy its seamless internet service.

Updata has got two partners

Scottish Wide Area Network: In collaboration with the Scottish Wide Area Network (SWAN), Updata proudly connects a whooping 4,600 public sector bodies.

Daisy Updata Communications: Updata got into a joint venture with Daisy Communications that resulted in Daisy Updata Communications Limited (DUCL).

Updata serves many marketssuch as:

  • Business
  • Local Government
  • Fire & Rescue
  • Police
  • Education
  • Health

Considering the above mentioned markets, one can say that Updata has pretty much captured the whole public sector market in the UK.

Latest news suggests that Updata is all set to deliver its services in the form of network connectivity to air traffic control, and has also won a contract to deliver connectivity to the Kent Clinical Commissioning Group. This contract is for 3 consecutive years, and is said to be worth 850,000 pounds.

Updata claims to be working towards a much greater goal when it comes to internet connectivity. They seem to have created a road map to provide the best possible internet service to the next generation public sector in a seamless way. With services like internet, voice and collaboration, data, network services, applications and security, Updata is up and running for the long term.