TalkTalk Telecom Group, commonly known as TalkTalk, started only with one service i.e. fixed line telephony. At present, there are other products/services offered by this brand. These are:

  • Internet Access
  • Paid Television
  • Mobile Network
  • Telecommunications

The above-mentioned services are provided not only to the end consumers, but also to businesses. Most of the companies merge with other brands, however, TalkTalk demerged in the year 2010 and became a single listed entity. TalkTalk is headquartered in London, UK. TalkTalk is proudly listed on the London Stock Exchange. In terms of revenue, it generated revenue worth 1,838 million pounds in 2016 as a standalone company.

There are various packages offered by TalkTalk for all its broadband consumers. In addition to packages, one can opt for broadband services separately as well. In addition to the usual broadband service, the company also provides “Homesafe” service. This product is basically a network–level security system that operates online. In addition to this, it blocks malicious websites as safety is of paramount importance. This works best when consumers want to filter the online content for their kids. Considering many kids get into pornography content on the internet when left unattended, this product serves as a boon for parents who can’t be sitting next to their kids every time they log in online.

TalkTalk has spent a lot of money on advertising and marketing. In addition to that, TalkTalk also sponsored one of the all-time hit program called the “Big Brother” as well. Later, the sponsorship was rejected but it was there for quite some time. It sponsored “The X Factor” as well which is another popular show in the UK. This sponsorship was there for eight consecutive years.

With the ever-increasing consumer base and popularity, TalkTalk is definitely the talk of the town when it comes to internet services.