One of the popular broadband services in the United Kingdom is the Sky Broadband. Sky Broadband is headquartered in London and only deal in internet service in terms of products/services offered. The broadband service offered by this internet company ranges between 20Mbit/s to 76Mbit/s. Sky broadband is a hit with its consumer base due to the great customer service and hassles free usage that they offer. In terms of pricing, this company scores high in comparison to its competitors in the market. Consumers swear by its speed and break free service. In all, Sky Broadband is a hit with its customers.

Considering there is a huge competition in the market, Sky Broadband manages to be firm in its position in the UK due to its great service and product. Any customer, if using Sky Broadband service, is given a Sky Wireless Hub which is basically a wireless router. Netgear was initially the only manufacturer of these wireless routers, however, later Sagem also started manufacturing them for them. The internet packs keep getting revised in order to keep up with the competition in the market. It also introduced a package for all of its digital television subscribers wherein consumers can actually enjoy free internet broadband along with evening and weekend telephone calls free of cost.

For the above-said scheme, it is essential that the Sky broadband network is present and in operation in the said area. Internet is a service that is required by all. It is no more a luxury as it was considered once and is more of a necessity. In such a situation, Sky Broadband is one of the most affordable and smooth option present in the UK. The customer base is increasing steadily for them and future looks positive. With big competitors in the market, Sky Broadband is carving a niche for itself.