When someone talks about the most sought-after internet provider in the UK, only one name comes to mind and that is EE. It was initially known by the name Everything Everywhere. EE not only provides internet but also offers various other services like IPTV and telecom services. If one thinks of 4G services then EE is the biggest name in the country. It was established in the year 2010 when two giants, Deutsche Telekom and Orange, merged in the UK. Main offices of EE are located in London, Darlington, Bristol, and Hatfield.

EE is a leader when it comes to 2G, 3G and 4G networks in the UK. It has a wide coverage across the country. People in the UK believe in EE as a brand. This company has left no stone unturned in the field of marketing. EE sponsors many events in order to reach the maximum number of eyeballs. Some of the events are British Academy of Film and Television Awards, Wembley Stadium, and Glastonbury Festival. Headquartered in Hatfield, United Kingdom, EE has its presence across the country. Various products offered by EE in the market are:

  • Fixed Line Telephony
  • Broadband Internet
  • Mobile Telephony
  • Digital Television

EE is currently owned by BT Group, however, goes as a separate brand in the market. If one goes by the numbers, EE has a huge number of broadband customers and this number is increasing every day. It has seen many mergers and joint ventures and as a brand, it is getting stronger by the day. EE has not shied away from marketing its brand through advertisements as well. The marketing strategy has proven itself. At the moment, EE provides 4G services in 11 UK cities and has got the credit of 11 million sites of fibre broadband in the UK. With ever increasing customer base, this brand is here to stay.