Business Broadband is a household name in the UK for providing internet services to not only individual consumers but also rendering services to large business consumers. In addition to the internet, Business Broadband also provides fixed telephony services in the UK. This internet provider is headquartered in Devon, UK. Founded in the year 2011 in Kent, Business Broadband has approximately 750,000 consumers across the country. They started their operation by serving only the residential sector, however, gradually made a place for itself in the business sector too. It provides both asymmetric digital subscriber line (commonly known as ADSL) and Fibre Broadband services to residential as well as business consumers. In addition to broadband services, it also provides fixed telephony services to its consumers.

The service provided by Business Broadband is not just great in terms of operations but is also affordable. Because it is pocket-friendly, it reaches more customers. There are attractive monthly internet plans that are offered to residential as well as business customers. Other services offered by Business Broadband include:

  • Web Marketing
  • Web Designing

Business Broadband is a boon for all small and medium-sized business enterprises due to its affordable pricing system and great customer service. It aims to provide a good network to its consumers.

There are always special offers available for the maximum benefit of the customers. For instance, the current plans are:

  • Unlimited Business Fibre Broadband
  • Unlimited Business Broadband

The offers can be easily availed on the company website as the promo codes are shared on the website. There are monthly as well as annual plans to choose from. Considering the amazing pricing schemes that are run by Business Broadband, great network connectivity, and speed, this internet service provider is favoured by many in the UK. Medium sized as well as small-sized entities find their service a useful tool at an affordable price to boost their business and revenue.