Today, no country and its citizens can function without the internet. It is in fact, impossible to imagine a world without the internet. In the United Kingdom, the major custom base occupier when it comes to the internet, is the British Telecommunications Group, commonly known as BT. This internet brand is not just limited to one place when it comes to its operations. It is widely spread across almost 180 countries. However, when in the UK, it is almost running the whole show with fixed line and broadband internet services. It has also ventured into subscription television, mobile internet, and IT services.

The BT Group is targeting a record-breaking customer base by 2020. And when we say record-breaking, we are talking about a huge number, like in the millions. It is one of the most preferred networks in the UK with a number of satisfied customers. Lately, it has picked up other areas of technology as well. These sections include, for example, television broadcasting and the telecom industry. The pricing for internet packs is competitive and gets more pocket-friendly if combined with television and mobile services. The internet speed is fast and freebies can also be enjoyed, easily making it one of the favored providers.

In comparison to its competitors, the BT Group is always a step ahead because of the many available packs, high-speed internet, quality and competitive pricing, and other services. This company is definitely a favourite amongst customers for its hassle-free, high speed, and reliable internet connection. The BT Group concentrates on its traditional way of working and while doing this, it keeps customers at the core, and ensures high level of customer satisfaction. It provides a bundled BT router to all its customers who have subscribed to its internet service, along with 5m BT wi-fi hotspots wired around.